Will Jennings

Will Jennings

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Biographical Information
Gender Female
Residence Silver Hills, California
Family Information
Marital Married to Trent Alcott
Children Ricky Alcott (Son, with Trent)
Eddie Alcott (Son, with Trent)
Ashley Alcott (Daughter, with Trent)
Mariah Alcott (Daughter, with Trent)
Parents Samuel Jennings (Father)
Susan Jennings (Mother)
Sibling(s) Sierra Jennings (Sister)
Leslie Jennings (Sister)
Other(s) Michael Haines (Nephew)
Aaron Haines (Nephew)
Caitlyn Haines (Niece)
Alicia Alcott (Sister-in-Law)
Brittany Alcott (Sister-in-Law)
Tia Frankel (Niece, from Trent)
Maya Frankel (Niece, from Trent)
Professional Information
Profession Lawyer
Character Information

Willow "Will" Jennings is the fictional character in the All About Us book series. She is the older sister of Sierra Jennings. She is a graduate of Silver Hills High School's Class of 2005.


Will Jennings takes after Mrs. Jennings in looks, with chin-length auburn hair and brown eyes. She's 5'7.

Character ProfileEdit

Will Jennings was born in 1987 to Samuel and Susan Jennings. She is the oldest daughter in the Jennings family. Will is the elder sister of Sierra and Lulu Jennings. She shares a closer bond with Sierra than with Lulu. Will is a straight A student (although she received a "F" and a "C" in science once, which never happened again).


Will attended Silver Hills Elementary School and Silver Hills Middle School. In All About Middle School book series, she attended Silver Hills High School, while sister, Sierra attended SHMS. However, despite getting good grades, she was not admitted to her first college choice, UCLA and got accepted to Silver Hills University, while Sierra was a freshman at Silver Hills High.


Trent Alcott

Will and Trent went to Elementary, Middle, and High School together.

They're younger sisters, Sierra and Alicia are childhood best friends. They started dating when they were juniors at Silver Hills High. They broke up at the end of junior year, while their sisters graduate to high school. They graduate from Silver Hills High together and get accepted to Silver Hills Community College.

Sophie Martin

Sophie is Will's best friend. Sophie is extremely boy-crazy, like Sierra's best friend, Nikki.

C.J. Walker

C.J. was Will's first boyfriend in the AAMS series. He was crushed by Will's younger sister, Sierra.

All About Us: All Grown UpEdit

Will is happily married to Trent Alcott, going by the name Will Jennings-Alcott. They have four children, sons, Eddie and Ricky and daughters Ashley and Mariah.


  • She is called Will by her sisters and her friends.
  • Will had a relationship with Trent Alcott.
  • Like Sierra, Will applied to three colleges:
    • Stanford University
    • California State University, Dominguez Hills
    • California University at Los Angeles.
      • Coincidentally, all three universities are located in California.
  • Will had four children with Trent Alcott. She also had nieces and nephews from Alicia Alcott and Sierra Jennings.
  • She didn't like Sierra's friend, Nikki Merrick.