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Published on April 1928
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All About Us (Book) Flawed Logic

Weekend at Alicia's House is the second book in the All About Us series by Maryam Wells.

Book SummaryEdit

When her parents go away for the weekend, Nikki stays over at the Alcott house but doesn't obey the rules and the curfew. She sneaks out and returns at 3:00. Alicia's mother threatens to kick her out, and worse, she also forbids Alicia to hang out with her, threatening their friendship. Sierra's mother goes out on her first date since her divorce, but Sierra isn't ready for her mother to start dating. Kristy must work after school at her family restaurant as punishment for car thing.


  • Nikki: Which reminds me of something so cool. My parents are going away for a couple of days.
  • Nikki: How many games of Yahtzee can one person play?
  • Kristy: Why is that so cool?
  • Nikki: Because it involves me!
  • Nikki: The Gucci trunk show is in Paris this week.


  • Nikki reveals to Alicia she once had a crush on her brother, Trent.
  • Alicia has posters of the Slumber Party Girls, Boyz 4Ever, and Meredith Edwards.
  • It was revealed that Sierra had braces when she was in elementary school.


Chapter 1

On a warm Monday morning, Alicia Alcott ransacked her tiny closet for a pair of her new Studded Tribal Bird Tank she just bought over the weekend at the Silver Hills Mall. Alicia’s closet was a mess, because she had spent the weekend shopping with her mother instead of cleaning her closet. She had tons of edgy accessories all in her closet.

But at least she found her Jet Simulated Crystal Bead Drop Earrings in her jewelry box on her dresser.

Alicia was putting on her Black & White Tribal Print Leggings, when her mother, Alice came in her daughter’s room. Alicia still had her TV on.

“Alicia?” she asked wondering why her daughter hasn’t done her hair yet.

“Mom, I’ll be ready soon. Besides it’s still 6:15.”

Whenever her mother would remind her of the time for school, it annoys Alicia.

“Alicia. Don’t you think you should wear something else other than tribal print outfits?”

Alice thinks her daughter needed to wear something else other their tribal prints. Like the Baby Phat tops Alicia’s aunt sent her on her fifteenth birthday.

“No, Ma. I like tribal prints.” Alicia walks out of her bedroom to curl her hair.

In the bathroom across from Alicia’s room, she had both Conair Infinity Wand and a 1” curling iron ready to curl her hair in curls and waves.

32 minutes and lots of curls and waves later, Alicia applied on make-up.

“Alicia! I need the bathroom to wash your sister up!” Alice knocked on the bathroom door.

“Okay. I’m done with the bathroom.”

“Did you brush your teeth?”

“Yes, Mom!”

“Did you wash your face?”

“Yes, Mom!”

“Did you put on—”

“Yes, Mom!” Alicia’s tone of voice rose.

While Mrs. Alcott was getting her youngest daughter ready for school, Alicia showed up in the kitchen to make hot chocolate to go. Her father, Edward or Eddie to her mother was pouring his coffee into his on-the-go cups seen at Dunkin Donuts.

“Hey, dad,” Alicia greeted her father as she picked up the Honey Glazed Donut from the Dunkin Donuts box.

“Hey, kiddo!” Mr. Alcott answered back as he was taking his second sip of coffee. Alicia doesn’t get why her parents love drinking coffee when she finds coffee nasty. Kids at her school drink coffee because the school has a coffee vending machine and coffee in the cafeteria. It was like having a Starbucks at your school cafeteria.

Alicia’s mother and kid sister came into the kitchen just as Alicia grabbed her breakfast and lunch tickets for the day.

“Nice outfit!” Brittany said, criticizing her sister’s edgy outfit.

“Shut up, Brittany!” Alicia snapped defensively.

“Don’t yell at your sister!” Mrs. Alcott scolded her daughter.

“She started it!” Alicia retaliated. She looked out the living room window and sees her three best friends Nikki Merrick, Sierra Jennings, and Kristy Castelli, waiting her outside of her house.

“My girls are here! Gotta go!”

Alicia kisses her dad bye and then her mother.

“Have a good day at school, and try not to argue with your sister when you both get home from school or band practice.”

“I’ll try, Ma.”

Alicia headed out the door and raced down the steps carefully because she was wearing her new Steve Madden Tribal Wedges.

“Hey, girlfriend!” Nikki called out. She was wearing her yellow ruffle top with black leggings, black skirt, faux-leather ankle booties, and her new black boyfriend blazer. Nikki was the trendiest girl of the four BFF’s. She had the most up-to-the-minute trendy outfits in her massive closet. Her closet looked like she had her own shopping mall.

“Hey, Nikki!” Alicia responded back. She love Silver Hills being so sunny and bright, good for sunglasses, but there was one flaw about the warm, sunny day.


Whenever the weather in Silver Hills had warmed up, it would flare up Alicia’s allergies. She started sniffling after the sneeze and her throat felt like mucus building up.

“Ahem.” Alicia attempted to clear her throat, with no success.

“God bless you?” Nikki smiled.

“Thanks. A beautiful day in Silver Hills can open up flowers and make people sneeze their heads off.”

“Look on the bright side. No pun intended. You don’t need a jacket for this day.”

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