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Trent Alcott.

Trenton "Trent" Alcott is a fictional minor character in the All About Us series. He is a graduate of Silver Hills High School. He comes from a biracial family. He is the older brother of main character, Alicia Alcott and he also has a little sister, Brittany.

Despite being considered popular and attractive, Trent is insecure and gets nervous occasionally, like Alicia. He has a love interest named Will Jennings.

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  • (To Alicia): "Hey, runt." (first line)


  • Trent is the older brother of AAU main character, Alicia Alcott.
  • He had his first kiss with Will Jennings.
  • Trent graduated Silver Hills High in 2005, during Alicia's freshman year.
  • He rescued Will during the disastrous Silver Hills Earthquake episode.
  • Trent attended CULA along with Will Jennings.
  • He and his younger sister, Alicia, both married their love interests. He married Will Jennings, and Alicia married Ryan Frankel.
  • He has four children with Will.
    • Eddie, Ricky, Ashley, and Mariah.
      • His sons, Eddie and Ricky were named after his father and older brother who passed away as mentioned.
  • Trent has nieces and nephews from his sister Alicia and sister-in-law Sierra.