Trent's New Girlfriend is the fourth book in the All About Middle School series.


Nikki's teenage cousin, Wendy visits Silver Hills. She meets her cousins best friends, Alicia, Sierra, and Kristy, along with Alicia's older brother, Trent. Wendy is instantly attracted to Trent, the two spent a lot of time together. Nikki is having trouble seeing Wendy dating Trent, due to her breaking hearts and Alicia doesnt' trust Wendy. So the girls plot to break them up. They call up Wendy's ex-boyfriend, a football player from Middlefield Academy in New York, but he challenges Trent to a fight for Wendy. Can Alicia and Nikki fix their mistake before the boys get hurt?

More InformationEdit

This is the first time Trent Alcott has a first serious relationship. This was also the first time Alicia and Nikki teammed up in a crazy scheme that goes wrong.