The Popular Club is the twenty-fifth book in the All About Middle School series.


It's the attack of the popular girls: Vanessa Campbell, Veronica Kilpatrick, and Victoria Eddington--known as the Power V's. They want to recuit Nikki in their clique, which is something she wants to be in. But it comes with a price, the V's want Nikki to ditch her old friends because they're not popular like them. Will Nikki say goodbye to her old friends and settle for the mean kind of friends?

More InformationEdit

This is the second time someone from the popular crowd drives a wedge between Nikki and her friends.


Kristy: They're fabulous, but they're evil.


Chapter 1

“So what do you think of this sweater with my outfit?” 12-year-old Nikki Merrick asked her friend, Kristy Castelli as they were spending their Saturday looking at sweaters at the Silver Hills Mall with their mothers. Kristy wasn’t fond of shopping nor malls like Nikki. She would rather shoot baskets at the basketball court in the Silver Hills Park. Kristy was an athletic tomboy who wore her medium dark-brown hair in a ponytail, wore Nikes, jeans, and a plain pink tank top whenever she plays basketball in the park on a Saturday. Nikki on the other hand, was a pampered, boy-crazy fashionista. She was Paris Hilton trapped in a 12-year-old middle schooler’s body. She was a pretty blue-green eyed blonde with a massive closet space in her parents’ traditional two-story house with a white-picket fence. “Why are you asking my opinion?” Kristy asked. She was checking out the New Balance cross trainers on display. “Because with Alicia stuck studying for her make-up history test and Sierra visiting her Aunt’s house with her mom, you’re the only one available to give an opinion on this sweater I saw online!” Kristy rolled her eyes. She would rather play basketball at the Silver Hills Park than to spend the day shopping with Nikki. Why did their other two friends Alicia Alcott and Sierra Jennings make other plains for this Saturday? Alicia failed her history test two days before due to not paying an attention to her class assignment. Apparently, Alicia wasn’t the only one who flunked her history test. Her entire history class (Nikki included), all flunked their tests. To make it up, the entire class spent their weekend figuring out the right answers before retaking the test. Instead of studying for the make-up test, Nikki is avoiding the studying by going shopping with Kristy. “How’s the studying the make-up flunked test going?” Kristy asked as she was still checking out the New Balance cross trainers on display. Nikki raised her left eyebrow when she heard the most awful question coming out of Kristy’s mouth. “Ok.” At Rocco’s, an Italian fast-food restaurant in the mall, Nikki and Kristy enjoyed two lasagna dishes at a red booth near the entrance. “Too bad Alicia and Sierra aren’t here. They love it here, unlike me,” said Kristy, taking a spoonful of lasagna from her foil bowl and eating it. “What is it about this place you don’t love?” Nikki asked her charm bracelet dangling as she took a bite of her lasagna. “My mom makes better lasagna than those idiots around here!” After having lunch at Rocco’s, Kristy accompanied Nikki to Lulu’s, where Nikki glances at the trendy necklaces on the shelf. A long gold heart necklace catches her eye. "I love that necklace, Kris," she said. The necklace would look great to add pizzazz to her boring navy polo shirt at school. "It looks... golden," Kristy replied.