Silver Hills, California

Silver Hills, California.

Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Level Unknown
Location California
Inhabitants 376,000

Silver Hills is a fictional suburban town in the state of California. It is the hometown of main characters in All About Us series.

It is the hometown of the All About Us main characters and their friends and family in the series.

Population: 376,000



  • Castelli's Pizza Shack
  • Maxi Burger
  • Donut World
  • Chicken Express
  • House of Java

Grocery Stores

  • Mr. Russo's Market


  • Silver Hills Children's Services Centre - Where Nikki Merrick volunteered 
  • Silver Hills Elementary School - Where Brittany Alcott and Leslie Jennings attend, and where the AAU Girls attended in the 1990's and graduated in 2001.
  • Silver Hills Middle School - Where the AAU Girls attended in the All About Middle School series and graduated in 2004. 
  • Palms Middle School - Rival school to Silver Hills Middle School.
  • Silver Hills High School - Where the AAU Girls attended in All About Us book series and where Will Jennings and Trent Alcott attended in the All About Middle School series. Trent and Will graduated in 2005 and the AAU Girls graduated in 2008.
  • Belmont High School - A one time school who played against Silver Hills High.
  • Borden High School - Another school which played against Silver Hills High and which Nikki played jokes on the Borden High cheerleaders.
  • Silver Hills University - Where Aaron & Elizabeth Merrick, Susan Jennings, Pamela Castelli attended.
  • Silver Hills Community College - A community college where Sierra Jennings and Kristy Castelli attended after graduating from Silver Hills High, Alicia Alcott and Nikki Merrick didn't attend SHCC.

Other Places/BusinessesEdit

  • Silver Hills Public Library
  • Silver Hills Memorial Hospital
  • Silver Hills Police Department - SHPD
  • Humane Society/Animal Shelter - Where Kristy Castelli volunteered.
  • Parker, Gardner, & Randall - Where Nikki and Sierra's parents went to get divorced.
  • Silver Hills Mall -


  • Highland Street - Where the AAU Girls live.
  • Baker Street
  • Overland Dr.
  • Thurgood Ave.
  • Pennbrook Lane 
  • Rosedale Street
  • Franklin Street
  • Arlington Street
  • Coco Road
  • Rockview Street
  • Hope Street
  • Marlon Street