Dr. Samantha Harrison is a chief resident at Silver Hills Hospital, who treated Alicia Alcott after she faints and was rushed to the hospital.


Samantha Harrison was married to Dr. Joseph Wright from 1987-2006. They went to medical school together and moved in together five months later.

Henrik's disappearance, months after the disappearance of their twin daughters Megan and Jenny aboard the USS Voyager, drove Samantha Delaney to despair ; her work on perfecting the folded space drive kept her sane.

Her work, however, was destroyed by undercover Na'arbi agent James Lee, and this action drove her insane.

Working aboard Dante Station, Samantha Delaney constructed two more prototypes, secretly hard-wiring one into the station's frame and another aboard her cloaked ship in the station's orbit. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "An Innocent Time")