New Semester is the fourteenth book of the All About Middle School series. It is also the first book in the All About 7th Grade Arc.


It's back to school week in September. Alicia, Nikki, Sierra, and Kristy want to have the same classes all together, but for the first time, they have different classes. Alicia, always the shiest girl finds herself alone, without her three best friends. How can Alicia survive the second year of middle school without her three BFF's?



Chapter 1

Alicia Alcott was at Kohl’s department store with her mother, Alice, looking for navy uniform polo tops for back to school. She was entering 7th grade and it came with new things like a uniform upgrade. She was going to wear navy polo uniform top. “I hate uniforms, mom. Why are shopping for them?” Alicia moaned at her mother. “Alicia. You know your school had a uniform policy. You have to wear your uniform every day. Alicia hated wearing a uniform to school instead of her own clothes. Why was her school, Silver Hills Middle School still stuck in its old tradition, the uniform policy? This was the fall of 2002, where it has been one year since the September 11 attacks. Alicia was only 11 when it happened. She had just started middle school in like the first week. 2001 was now her new favorite year. She had just stopped watching kiddie shows and started watching teen shows with her friends. She was growing up. Since 6th grade ended, Alicia’s style was going through a change. She was starting to like bold and bright colors, another change in her personality. Alicia’s mother picked out three identical long-sleeved navy polo tops, two short-sleeved navy polo tops, and two buttoned-down navy tops. Now it was time to look for the black bottoms. Alicia was on the other side of Kohl’s, looking at accessories. She liked looking at stylish belts, jewelry, and cute shoes. Alicia’s mother groaned. Every time mother and daughter go shopping for new clothes, Alicia would check out the accessories. “Forget staring at jewelry, just buy them,” Alice sighed. Alice felt like Alicia wasn’t taking clothes shopping seriously and only like jewelry. After purchasing Alicia’s new uniforms, Alicia and her mother left Kohl’s and went to Claire’s, a nearby kids’ and preteens’ jewelry store at the Silver Hills Mall. When they entered Claire’s, Alicia’s friend, Nikki Merrick and her mother, Elizabeth are also present at the store. Alicia was surprised to see Nikki. “Nikki?” She called out. Nikki turned to her shoulder. “Alicia?” Nikki chuckled. The two ran and hugged. Nikki was away at beauty camp for the summer, while Alicia was in summer school. “What are you doing here?” Alicia asked. “Duh, lame back-to-school shopping. Since we’re entering 7th grade, I want to up my style. Add accessories to myself. If we can’t wear our own clothes to school, we can wear our accessories.” “I don’t know about that,” Alicia said, thinking that its against the uniform policy. “Al. The rules said come to school in a uniform. They didn’t anything about accessories.” “All right.” As Nikki bought different headbands, she and Alicia bought the same girly jewelry from behind them. "I can't believe that Silver Hills Middle School is the only school with a stupid dress code and retarded uniform policy that hasn't changed since the beginning of time!"