Matt Wright
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Biographical Information
Gender Male
Residence Silver Hills
Family Information
Marital Married to Kristy Castelli
Romances Kristy Castelli (Wife)
Sierra Jennings (Ex-Girlfriend)
Nikki Merrick (Dated)
Children Mack Wright (Son, with Kristy)
Joey Wright (Son, with Kristy)
Parents Mr. Wright (Father)
Mr. Wright (Mother)
Sibling(s) Josh Wright (Twin Brother)
Professional Information
Profession High School Basketball coach
Workplace Silver Hills High School
Character Information
First Appearance Behind the Music
Last Appearance All About Graduation
Portrayed By Max Carver 

Matt Wright is a fictional character of the All About Us novel series. He is a student at Silver Hills High School and twin brother of Josh Wright. Matt is the elder twin by six minutes, he was more the cool one, while Josh was the shy one. Since his appearance in the series, Matt's minor storyline was his relationship with AAU girl, Sierra Jennings in their senior year of high school and one half of their first year of college. Before their relationship, Matt and Sierra were having an affair while she was dating Logan Haines. In the 30 & Hot specials, he married his brother's ex-girlfriend, Kristy Castelli. They were both coaches at their former high school and they both have two sons.


In the book episode, Behind the Music, Silver Hills High student, Nikki Merrick attempted to fix a date between Matt's twin brother Josh and her best friend, Kristy Castelli, so that she could date Matt. When they all finally went on a date at the movies and the Castelli's Pizza Shack. During the date, there was a spark between Josh and Kristy, but the date abruptly ended when Nikki and Matt ended their spark.

The TwinsEdit

Matt was born six minutes before Josh in early 1990. Matt was more the cool one while Josh was the shy one.


In Christmas in Silver Hills, Matt and Josh were scene in Ms. Pepin's Science class, they have with Nikki Merrick and Kristy Castelli, when they learn that they couldn't make it to New York for Christmas due to weather problems. They



  • Matt is three minutes older than his twin brother, Josh.
  • He and Josh are on the boys' Varsity basketball team at Silver Hills High.
  • He is an amateur drummer.
  • Matt has dated Nikki Merrick, but they never became a couple. However, he dated her friend, Sierra Jennings, which became a relationship.
  • Matt and his brother had a crush on two of the AAU Girls.
    • Matt had a crush on Sierra.
    • Josh had a crush on Alicia.