This is a list of books in the All About Us series created by Maryam Wells.

First ArcEdit

# Title Author Publisher
1 All About Us Maryam Wells Xlibris Publishing
A game of Truth & Dare ends up having Kristy and Alicia damage her Castelli family car. Nikki Merrick deals with Ryan Frankel not calling her after she called him.
2 Weekend at Alicia's House Maryam Wells Xlibris Publishing
Nikki stays over at Alicia's house for the weekend and their friendship is threatened when Nikki breaks curfew.
3 Flawed Logic Maryam Wells Xlibris Publishing
Sierra gives Kristy's father Alicia's demo cd. Sierra gets her a gig and Alicia freezes on stage; Nikki learn that her ex-crush, Ryan has a crush on Alicia.
4 Sweet Little Lies Maryam Wells Xlibris Publishing
Alicia plays matchmaker on Kristy and her crush, Jeremy.
5 Under 21 Maryam Wells Xlibris Publishing
The girls enter a trendy over-21 nightclub; Alicia sings at the nightclub.
6 Sierra Meets Her Match Maryam Wells Xlibris Publishing
Sierra falls for a transfer student; Alicia has trouble relating to a 19th Century ballad, she is assigned to perform.
7 No Means No! Maryam Wells Xlibris Publishing
Nikki is almost date raped by Devon McGregor; and he begins his scheme to torment her. NOTE: This book episode deals with a mature subject matter which may not be suitable for younger readers. Please consult with your parents before reading this episode.
8 First Rain Maryam Wells Xlibris Publishing
Alicia is excited that her old boyfriend from middle school, is coming to town, but cancels due to the rainstorm; Alicia begins to have feelings for Ryan.
9 Holey, Mole-y Maryam Wells Xlibris Publishing
Nikki grows concerned about a big mole on her shoulder.
10 Behind the Music Maryam Wells Xlibris Publishing
Alicia goes on a crash diet after mean girl, Amy Hunter makes comments about her figure; Nikki and Kristy go on a double date with twin brothers, Matt and Josh Wright.
11 The Making of... Maryam Wells Xlibris Publishing
Alicia and Sierra get a vague school assignment to illustrate an aspect of contemporary culture, so they decide to team up and produce a music video; Kristy and Nikki try to raise funds so that the basketball team (and Nikki) can go to Miami for the WNBA All-Star Game.
12 New Girl in Town Maryam Wells Xlibris Publishing
Each girl reminisce about their friendship with Alicia as they celebrate Alicia's sweet sixteenth birthday.
  • School's Out! - As the girls begin their last day of school before summer vacation, Kristy is made an offer to play professional basketball in Italy.

Second ArcEdit

Title Author Publisher Date
1 Back to School Again Maryam Wells Xlibris Publishing
The girls return to school after summer vacation; Alicia gets a new history for 11th grade whom she has seen on campus but never met him; Sierra meets a new guy after her breakup with Logan. As Josh Wright develops feelings for Kristy, Matt clashes with Sierra.
2 The Divorce Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Nikki learns that her parents are divorcing; Both Alicia and Sierra is devastated when she learned that Mr. Niles has left Silver Hills High. 
3 Homecoming Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
The girls plan to get Nikki to go to Homecoming following her parents' split; Nikki's friend, Frankie kisses Ryan, who is dating Alicia.
4 Alicia & Ryan Forever Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Following an arguement with Ryan, Alicia learns that he is injured in a hit-and-run and is in a coma.
5 The Grass is Always Pinker Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
The girls sneak in the Hollins Hotel to meet their favorite band; Nikki learns the truth behind her parents' split

Third Arc - Represents the second semester of the girls' junior year of high school.Edit

# Title Author Publisher Date
1 Not-So Great Romance Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Nikki catches her father, Eric hooking up with an old flame and learns the real reason of her parents' split. She also learns her father's shocking secret which he kept from her for years.
2 Exam Trouble Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) at school causes stress on the girls; Alicia falls ill during Play Production class. Nikki refuses to talk to her father.
3 Get a Job! Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Nikki gets an internship at House of Gianni, a fashion house and makes enemies with everyone. 
4 Sierra Takes on Pollution Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Envirormentalist Sierra takes action against pollution, but becomes obsessed and risks losing her friends and ruining her reputation. Nikki struggles to get to know her half-sister, Celine.
5 Give Your Uncle a Kiss Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
A Jennings family friend makes a pass at Sierra's friend, Nikki.
6 The Big Father-Daughter Dance Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
It's the Annual Father-Daughter Dance at Silver Hills High; Alicia, Sierra, and Kristy are excited to dance with their fathers while Nikki is still not talking to her father and Kristy catches her mother kissing another teacher.
7 Sad Goodbye Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Alicia's paternal aunt, her father's only sister, passes away and she travels to Alabama for the funeral; A scout from the California State University Dominguez Hills comes to see Kristy. Kristy hurts her shoulder while practicing with Josh, and gets addicted to pain killers. Sierra tries to teach Nikki the respiratory system to help her pass Biology.
8 Halloween Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Ryan has trouble dealing with being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes; Nikki arranges to schedule a photo shoot that would put Kristy on the cover of Girls in Sports Magazine.
9 Baby, Maybe Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
One of Alicia's favorite cousins, Jessica Parker comes to visit her. Alice, Alicia's mother didn't like Jessica and thought she was a bad influence on Alicia. Her instincts were right. Jessica is now a teenage mother, while Alicia is still a teenage girl. When Jessica leaves, she forgets her baby Emily, and the girls, Trent, Brittany, and Ryan included, have to take care of her. Alicia later realizes how hard it is to take care of a baby and no plans on having them in her teenage life.
10 Model Misbehavior Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
A top fashion photographer is coming to Silver Hills High to find the new face of the 2000s, and Nikki is positive she is it. The photographer surprises everyone by choosing Kristy, but the price of her photo session proves costly.
11 Write or Wrong Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
After her essay gets trashed by her journalism teacher, Sierra writes an article that shows him at a drug bust. Blair Carver, the editor-in-chief of Silver Hills Times, must make a hard decision whether to publish it
12 Junioritis Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
While the Class of 2007 suffer Senioritis, the girls and Ryan are suffering from Junioritis; Matt Wright tells his brother, Josh that he likes Sierra, despite their conflict and that she is dating Logan.

Magna EditionsEdit

# Title Author Publisher Date
1 Summer Time Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Alicia and Nikki must go to summer school to pass English; Sierra learns the her favorite TV Anchor Peter Jennings (Not related to her) has passed away; Kristy goes to basketball camp.
2 Johnny Love's Christmas Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
When the girls' favorite singer, Johnny Love comes to town to shoot a Christmas music video, they are determined to meet him.
3 Spring Break in London Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
The girls go to London for Spring Break; A british boy likes Kristy.
4 Summer School Hell Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Alicia and Nikki go to summer school again, Alicia must pass Geometry B and Nikki takes Geometry A.
5 A Christmas Wish Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
An arguement between sisters, Sierra and Will causes Sierra to dream that Will was dead.
6 Spring Fever in Cancun Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
The girls go to Cancun for a Spring Break school trip.
7 Alicia and Ryan Forever Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Alicia exercises bad judgment while searching for Kristy, who is despondent over her ex-boyfriend. A positive pregnancy test is found in the trash can. Ryan finally expresses his love for Alicia, only to find out she kissed another guy, who happens to be the son of Mr. Alcott's old friend from high school.
8 Nikki's Secret Admirer Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Some leaves flowers, candy, and love notes in Nikki's locker, which becomes creepy and scary for her; Alicia must decide whether or not to patch things up with Ryan or date Derek, the son of her father's old high-school friend.
9 Mystery Guy Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Matt develops a crush on rival, Sierra Jennings, even though she and Logan are still together; Ryan gives Alicia the cold shoulder. 
10 Halloween School Dance Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
It's a school dance at Silver Hills High, and the girls are excited. Alicia wants to ask Ryan to the dance, Sierra wants to go with Logan, and Nikki and Kristy wants to go with the Wright Brothers.
11 Earthquake: Part 1 Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
An earthquake rocks Silver Hills, and the girls are separated from their families and each other; Sierra and Logan break up; Kristy tries to cheer Nikki up after she gets into a fight with Sierra.
12 Aftershock: Part 2 Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Trapped in different locations, Kristy tries to get an injured Nikki to a hospital; Sierra feels guilty for fighting with Nikki after learning she had been injured; Ryan's stepmother goes into labor at his house, causing Alicia, Sierra, and Ryan to play midwives.

Fourth Arc - Represents the girls senior year of high school.Edit

# Title Author Publisher
1 Senior Beginnings Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Alicia crosses paths with Ryan after he returns from tour. There are changes at Silver Hills High; Sierra reveals that she and Logan have broken up; Matt Wright has taken an interest in Sierra, instead of Nikki
2 Crossing the Line Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Nikki is at odds with Sierra over Matt's desire to date her.
3 Thriller Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Ryan is sore when a talent dancer is picked to do a Halloween concert with Alicia; Sierra is stuck taking sister, Leslie, Alicia's sister, Brittany, and their friends Trick-to-Treating; Candy Striper Nikki is stuck working in a hospital on Halloween instead of going to an Halloween dance.
4 Nikki & Sierra: Friends Forever Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Sierra is concerned by Nikki's infatuation with a boy who asked Nikki to a dance, but leaves with another girl. Nikki and Sierra patch things up; When Alicia lands a record deal with a famous record producer, it might not be exactly what she was hoping for.
5 Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Alicia, Sierra, and Ryan are bummed to learn that their boss Clayton have them working on Christmas Eve. Alicia tries to find a good excuse so that she can finish her last-minute shopping for her friends, family, and Ryan. An elder man visits the store to apply for a job, but Clayton tells him that they haven't hired anyone new in a while, despite finding out Clayton hired Sierra a month ago. Later, the unemployed man is now dressed as Santa Claus and holds the entire store hostage. To make things worse, Ryan is hit with appendicitis. 
6 Final Hell Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Around finals week at Silver Hills High, Alicia gets a horrible cold; Kristy and Nikki must pass their finals otherwise, Kristy gets kicked off the girls' basketball team and Nikki won't get a car from her father; Sierra considers changing electives.
7 Alicia Alcott: Filmmaker Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Feeling uncomfortable with her Choir class Alicia quits and joins Sierra's film class; Nikki's mother announces she is pregnant; Ryan and Alexa break up.
8 On Their Own Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
The girls have plans as Spring Break is coming up. Alicia gets a chance to visit her uncle and her pop star cousins in L.A.; Sierra and Kristy, along with Matt, Josh, and Logan are going on a college trip to SCU; and Nikki is going to New York to check out Fashion Institute of Technology.
9 Senior Week Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
The Class of 2008 celebrate Senior Week with a whole week of Senior Activities; Alicia is embarrased to wear her mother's blouse for Senior Picture Day; Kristy worries that she may not have enough credits to graduate; Nikki goes prom shopping with her mother.
10 Prom Night Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Nikki accidently stains Alicia's prom dress two days before the big event; The Senior Prom is held in Long Beach; Sierra is upset when Logan goes to the prom with Allison Holmes. Ryan sing Alicia's favorite love song "On My Own" to her and they get back together.
11 The Engagement Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
Trent, Alicia's brother, and Will, Sierra's sister are getting married; The girls stay after school one last time to get their cap and gowns; When Sierra and Matt get different college acceptances, it makes them question their relationship.
12 All About Graduation Maryam Wells Xilbris Publishing
The girls learned that they'll be separated after graduation; Alicia and Nikki leave Silver Hills.

Holiday EpisodesEdit

1. Too Many Relatives - Alicia's family members from her mother's side and her father's side visit Silver Hills for Thanksgiving.

2. All About Christmas - The girls get ready for Christmas. Alicia plans to introduce Ryan to her relatives when they visit for Christmas.