"You see, this is why I never read those fashion magazines. I think they spread insanity for those perfume sample in each page."
―Kristy from Behind the Music.

Kristy Castelli
Lindsey Morgan

Kristy from Sweet Little Lies.

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Biographical Information
Gender Female
Born 1990
Residence Silver Hills, California
Family Information
Marital Married to Matt Wright
Romances Josh Wright
Parents Gino Castelli (Father)
Pamela Castelli (Mother)
Professional Information
Profession Gym Teacher
Workplace Silver Hills High School
Character Information
First Appearance All About Us
Portrayed By Lindsey Morgan

Kristina "Kristy" Castelli is one of the four main characters of the book series created by the author Maryam Wells. She is portrayed by Lindsay Morgan in the books and Emma Lockhart in the T.V. Series. Kristy's top storylines in the novel series included questions about her sexuality, her addiction to painkillers, and catching her mother's attraction her teacher.

In several Teens of Silver Hills series, taking place years after the Class of 2008 graduation, Kristy becomes a teacher and girls' basketball coach at Silver Hills High.


Kristy has waist-length dark brown brown hair, brown eyes, and an athletic body.

  • Plays on the girls' basketball team
  • She comes from and Italian-American family.
  • Mother is principal at her school and father owns the family restaurant.


Kristy was born in Silver Hills, California. Her parents orginiated from Italy. Kristy met Nikki Merrick and Sierra Jennings in Kindergarten. Then she met Alicia in the 3rd grade, she Alicia was transferred to Kristy, Nikki, and Sierra's class. Kristy is known for her beauty and admirable personality, always being sweet and supportive of everybody.

Kristy Castelli T.V. Character

The original Kristy Castelli in the 2001 T.V. version of All About Us by Alicia Lagano.

Novel SeriesEdit

All About UsEdit

Kristina "Kristy" Castelli is a ponytail-wearing tomboy with a California style. She is the member of her high school's girls' varsity basketball team. Her family own Castelli's Pizza Shack, an pizza restaurant where she and her friends hangout at. Her father manages the restuarant while her mother is a principal at her school. Like Nikki Merrick, Kristy is an only child. She plays different sports. During her high school career, she injured her shoulder and became addicted to painkillers, went to rehab for her addiction.

In the episode, Behind the Dancer, Kristy dated Josh Wright, thanks to Nikki, who was pursing Josh's twin brother, Matt.

Sierra & KristyEdit

In the series Sierra & Kristy, after Alicia and Nikki move away, Sierra and Kristy move into their own apartment near a community college they attend.

All About Us: 30 & HotEdit

Kristy is a teacher at Silver Hills High as well as managing Castelli's Pizza Shack. She has one daughter, Emily with Matt Wright, the twin brother of her ex-boyfriend, Josh. She is currently dating Juanito Vasquez. Kristy teaches 9th grade English at her former high school and she coaches basketball for the girls' varsity team. Unlike her friends, Kristy is living a normal humble life.


Luke Parsons - Kristy's first kiss at Alicia's 13th birthday party in All About Middle School.

Josh Wright - Kristy's ex-boyfriend in All About Us. She once lost her virginity to him, resulting in her getting pregnant andd having a miscarriage.

Ravi Mason - Kristy's ex-boyfriend. They began a fling after Kristy's breakup with Josh. He was deaf.

Sierra & KristyEdit

Kristy attends Silver Hills Community College with Sierra in the Sierra & Kristy series.

All About Middle School (Novel Series)Edit

Kristy was a student at Silver Hills Middle School from fall 2001 to spring 2004. In the AAMS series, she was still the tomboy, who didn't like to wear skirts like her three friends. But she wore school uniforms due to the uniform policy at Silver Hills Middle School.

All About Us: 30 & HotEdit

Kristy became a teacher at her former high school in the series. She is in a relationship with Matt Wright, the twin brother of her ex-boyfriend.


  • "Trent cracks me up." (First line) - "All About Us"
  • "What's with the Mission Impossible bit?"
  • "Smile for the Grapevine?"


  • Kristy was portrayed by four actresses. Alicia Lagrano in the original TV series, Lindsey Morgan in the books, Emma Lockhart in the new TV series, and Ariel Winter in both the books and TV series from All About Middle School.
  • Kristy was the only AAU girl who's style was just casual and girl-next-door.
  • Kristy is the only AAU character to have a painkiller addiction in the entire AAU series.
  • She is a fan of the Star Trek show, Star Trek: Odyssey, which replaced Alicia's show, Star Trek: Victory.
  • She has a Twitter, but it is unknown at the moment.
  • She took basketball and soccer when she was younger.
  • She is the only AAU Girl to be in rehab for addiction. She was also in rehab for her knee injury.
  • She speaks English and Italian.
  • Kristy was the AAU girl to go through a pregnancy scare.
  • Kristy and Alicia wear silver hoop earrings occasionally and they wear denim jackets.
  • She was offered a basketball scholarship to SCU (Southern California University) in Senior Week.
  • Kristy was the first to know about Frankie being abused by his ex-boyfriend, Rick Fisher.
  • Kristy hates reading fashion magazines, believing that they spread perfume samples to subscribers.
  • Kristy and Nikki are the only AAU Girls to not go by their full names.
    • Kristy is short for Kristina.
    • Nikki is short for Nicole.
  • Kristy and Alicia were romantic interests of Josh Wright.
    • Josh dated Kristy.
    • Josh had a crush on Alicia.
  • She is a fan of the Los Angeles Sparks.
  • In the AAU: 30 & Hot series, Kristy has two sons with Matt Wright.
  • She gave birth to her first son Mark, with fiancé Matt Wright, at Silver Hills Community Hospital, weighing in at 7lbs.
  • She gave birth to her second son Joey, with fiancé Matt Wright, at Silver Hills Community Hospital, weighing in at 7lbs 15oz.
  • Kristy was 6 months pregnant with her son Mark when Matt proposed to her.
  • She returned to work 4 months after giving birth to her son Mark when she began her new job teaching at her old high school.
  • She was 7 months pregnant with her son Joey when she took maternity leave from teaching.
  • She returned to work 2 months after giving birth to her son Joey when the fall semester of school began.
  • Her son Joey, suffers from epilepsy.
  • Kristy was the only AAU character in All About Us to have a drug problem. She became addicted to painkillers after injuring her right shoulder.
    • Coincidentally, her painkiller addiction topped the list of AAU's Most Intense Moments.