Brooke Elliott is a best friend to "Mean Girl" Julie Wilcox and Gus Peterson's crush. Brooke is sweet and pretty, the typical girl-next-door type. She had been a friend of Julie's for a long time. Brooke's firefighter Father had rescued Gus from a fire at Life Cycles one of the most popular places in Silver Hills, and she instantly took a liking to him, and the feeling becomes mutual. Brooke was never actually cruel or mean, she just did whatever Julie told her to do, because like a lot teenagers Brooke wants to be noticed and fit in. As her friendship with Julie ended, Brooke became friends with Gus and the AAU Girls slowly but surely accepted Brooke into the picture, as she is seen with them and Gus almost all the time in later episodes in and after the episode "Triangles" and quickly becomes Gus's girlfriend for the rest of the series. Brooke is extremely feminine, bubbly, and a little simple-minded, but she is very caring and a really nice person, friend, and girlfriend. Brooke is a fan of Alicia's music.