Brittany Alcott is the little sister of Alicia and Trent Alcott.

Character Profile Edit

Brittany is the little sister of major AAU character Alicia Alcott and Trent Alcott. As the baby of the siblings, Brittany was left out of her siblings teenage lives. She attempted to hangout with Alicia, but she seemed to be busy with her own teenage life, such as hanging out with her friends, singing with her band, and hang out at the park with her boyfriend, Ryan Frankel. When Alicia went through a ordeal involving trouble maintaining school and being a victim of bullying, Brittany was there for her, but the pressure got to be too much for Alicia to handle and she leaves the Alcott apartment unit and stays with her friend, Sierra Jennings. Alicia leaving home upset Brittany, due to the fact that Trent also left home. Brittany felt alone when her two older siblings left home. However, Alicia came back home and patched things up with her family.

In Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas, Brittany was scared when she learned that her older sister, Alicia was being held hostage at her job and begged Santa to let her go.

After Alicia left Silver Hills to go on tour with her cousins, Brittany began middle school and was having trouble following the uniform policy.

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Brittany had curly blonde shoulder-length and hazel eyes, like her sister's.

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