Beauty and the Geek is the twentith book in the All About Middle School series.


At Drama Class, Nikki auditions for the role in an Romeo and Juilet version called Brian and Josie. Nikki is excited to kiss her co-star Lane Wheeler. But Lane gets a bad cold and is out sick for a whole week, meaning Nikki has to kiss his understudy, Dirk Gleason, the biggest dork in school. Dirk has the biggest crush on Nikki and would do anything to be his girl.



Chapter 1

Nikki Merrick stared at the Silver Hills Middle School’s Play Production poster on the builitin board in the school hallway. She was with Kristy Castelli at Nutrition time. “Brian & Josie? What’s that?” She asked Kristy who was standing next to her. “That must be the play they’re doing for Play Production,” Kristy explained. “I heard it’s a modern version of Romeo & Juliet.” Nikki knows about Romeo & Juliet because she watched the 1996 movie version multiple times.