Articles from the 2001 TV version of All About Us and the 2013 book series.

The choice of director must have seemed inspired.

Fred Savage, "The Wonder Years" star who was a natural in front of the camera, must have seemed like the natural choice to direct the pilot for another teen-related show.

Savage, now a young adult, lent his expertise to "All About Us," a Saturday morning show about four teenage girls who hang out together and who share the angst that goes with growing up.

The series, from the producer of "Saved By The Bell," focuses on the Chicago school girls, who come from different family backgrounds but who overcome challenges through friendship.

Island Def Jam/MCA recording artist Alecia Elliott plays Alecia Alcott, an Alabama girl and aspiring singer who finds herself transplanted to the big city after her father takes a new job.

Marieh Delfino plays Niki Merrick, a superficial rich kid obsessed with clothing and boys. Crystal Grant plays Sierra Jennings, an impassioned activist and sometimes the voice of reason. And Alicia Lagano plays Cristina Castelli, a tough, athletic girl who is close to her Italian family, which owns an Italian restaurant.

The ensemble has a kind of "Facts of Life" feel. Replace Niki with Blair and Cristina with Jo. Sierra could arguably be a Tootie/Natalie hybrid. Only Alecia, around whom the show was probably built, gets a role that breaks the cookie-cutter rule.

As for plot, depth and production quality, harken back to "Saved By The Bell." The only blessing here is that "All About Us" seems to be "Screech"-free.  -- Teen

Fashion ArticlesEdit

For all of the teenagers (and, er, adults) out there coveting Alicia Alcott's perfect wardrobe, Aeropostale has heard your pleas. The retailer is introducing The All About Us Collection by Aéropostale, debuting in stores and online on January 5 -- just in time, notes Entertainment Weekly, for the "All About Us" season premiere on January 7.

Why the TV-fashion collab? It's no secret that Aéropostale could use to up its cred amongst teens. According to a report from Buzzfeed, the retailer saw a 15 percent drop in sales over the past three months as teenage shoppers move away from logos (a shift that has also hurt Abercrombie & Fitch).

Teaming up with hugely popular "Pretty Little Liars" could do the trick. Not only do millions tune into the show (Aéropostale actually posted on Facebook this summer, "We ❤ All About Us...Who is tuning into tonight's premier?" and over 4,000 fans liked it), but fans are also obsessed with the characters' fashion.

Kudos to Aéropostale for realizing the easiest thing is to give teen girls exactly what they want:

All About Us :: Nikki Merrick's FashionEdit

    Nikki Merrick may seem like a ditzy blonde on All About Us, but her clothes never take a backseat. Find out how you can look just like her!