Alice Alcott
Alice Alcott

Alice Alcott

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Biographical Information
Gender Female
Residence Silver Hills
Family Information
Marital Widowed
Romances Edward Alcott
Children Ricky Alcott (Son, with Edward; Deceased)
Trent Alcott (Son, with Edward)
Alicia Alcott (Daughter, with Edward)
Brittany Alcott (Daughter, with Edward)
Grandchildren Ricky Alcott (Grandson, via Trent)
Eddie Alcott (Grandson, via Trent), via Trent)
Ashley Alcott (Granddaughter, via Trent)
Mariah Alcott (Granddaughter, via Trent)
Tia Frankel (Granddaughter, via Alicia)
Maya Frankel (Granddaughter, via Alicia)
Other(s) Will Jennings (Daughter-in-Law)
Ryan Frankel (Son-in-Law)
Professional Information
Character Information
Portrayed By Unknown Actress

Alice Alcott is the mother of Trent, Alicia, and Brittany Alcott and the widow of former character Edward Alcott.


Alice is a biracial women with three children, son, Trent and daughters, Alicia and Lily. She is married to Edward Alcott, whom she had been dating since junior high. At first, Alice gave to two sons, Ricky and Trent in the 1980's, then daughters, Alicia and Lily in the 1990's. She loses her oldest son, Ricky to a heart condition when Trent and Alicia were little and Brittany was a baby.

All About UsEdit

Relationship with AliciaEdit

Alice's relationship with elder daughter, Alicia hit rock bottom, as Alicia got older. The two began to argue constantly with no apparent reason.

Brush with DeathEdit

In Mommy Dearest, Alice suffers a brain hemmorage, that nearly killed her. Scared that she wasn't going to make it, Edward calls an ambulance and she is rushed to the hospital with Alicia going with her. At the hospital, Alicia and Alice are forced to wait in the waiting room. The waiting was so frusterating, Alicia demanded nurses to see her mother, but she was really scared that her mother wasn't going to make it and begins to crack. Alice recovers from her brush with death, but she stays at Silver Hills Community Hospital for a week. Trent and Lily visit her, but Alicia avoids going to the hospital. Months later, Alice is fully recovered, but questions Alicia, why she didn't visit her. She replies, she was scared.

The Last EpisodeEdit

Alice went through a tough time in her life when Alicia's high school graduation was approaching. Her only son, Trent announced his engagement to girlfriend, Will Jennings which surprised her and Edward. Also, Alicia reveals that she planned on going on tour with her cousins and moving to L.A. after getting signed by Smash Records. Alice and Edward were against their children with their plans. Then Alice came around and accepted Trent's engagement and Alicia's Summer tour and congratulated them.


In Give Us Strength, Alice's life goes through dramatic changes when her husband, Edward is diagnosed with stomach cancer and it was metastasis all over his body. Alice was there when Edward loses his battle with cancer. Months later, as she tries to deal with the loss of Edward and caring for Brittany, she feuded with Alicia about not going to college as her father wanted which caused friction between them. Until Will Jennings-Alcott that Edward was always proud of Alicia and her success and he had kept her albums in his drawer. Alice and Alicia later patch things up.

30 & Hot and Alicia's WorldEdit

Years later, Alice is leaving her apartment and moving to Moreno Valley where her family lives. With Trent and Alicia married to their own spouses and Brittany away in college, Alice decided to leave Silver Hills. Despite Trent, Alicia, and Brittany's attempts to convince her to stay, Alice told her children that it was time for her to move on.


  • She married Edward Alcott in 1976.
  • Her mother is black and her estranged father is white.
  • She had four children: sons Ricky and Trent born in the 1980's and daughters Alicia and Brittany born in the 1990's.
    • Son, Ricky died when he was 12 of an unknown illness.
  • She has six grandchildren.
    • Eddie, Ricky, Ashley, and Mariah from son Trent and his wife Will Jennings-Alcott.
    • Tia and Maya from daughter Alicia and her husband Ryan Frankel.
        • And she played grandmother to her daughter-in-law's niece, Caitlyn and nephews Michael and Aaron.
  • Alice is the first widow in the series.